Welcome To Our Home

 “It is my privilege to welcome you – not only to the Ackley website, but hopefully to our actual community here in north-central Iowa. In 1857, when railroad surveyors, land-buyers , and pioneer families came across the area now known as Ackley, they were met with pleasant surroundings, fertile farmland and prairie, and the feeling that they would find success in settling in making their homes and working their trades here.

        Their ambition, hard work and community spirit soon turned the gentle rolling fields into successful farms and the bustling town of Ackley – named after railroad surveyor William Ackley.  It soon became a prosperous business center with good schools and many fine churches.

        And now – nearly 160 years later, the same holds true – and makes Ackley a pleasant place to live and raise a family and enjoy recreation, in a safe and friendly community environment.

        Business and industry will find an abundance of strong work ethic in the Ackley workforce, and parents will find much support and a strong educational focus as their children make their way through the AGWSR school system

        A full-time, 24/7 police department, fully equipped and staffed ambulance service and fire department – add even more assurance of safety and protection for families in Ackley.

       Come . . . .visit us in Ackley . . . and consider us your hometown . . . we look forward to sharing it with you!”


                                                                                                                     Erik Graham– Mayor