Ackley Veteran's Memorial "Honoring those who died – Dedicated to all who served”

Ackley Veteran's Memorial

Ackley Veteran's Memorial

Are You Eligible?

Do You or Someone You Know Meet 1 of the Following 3 Qualifications?

  • Have an Ackley Address or Have Lived at an Ackley Address at One Time
  • Have Attended an Ackley, A-G, or AGWSR School
  • Are an Ackley American Legion Post 252 Member or Have Been a Member at One Time
National Guard Reserves that Were Activated for Federal Service After Basic Training & AIT are Eligible.

Along with one of the three qualifications, you must have served, or are currently serving, in the military as active military personnel.

  Please complete this form and return to:

Trent DeBerg

1211 5th Avenue
Ackley, IA 50601
Phone – 847-2566

Veterans Memorial Committee

The Ackley Veterans Memorial Committee was formed in January of 2007. Our goal was to have a memorial constructed to honor the veterans from our community who actively served our country. Although it sounded simple, we also anticipated it would involve many hours of meetings, making plans and fundraising, to come up with a quality memorial for Ackley.

After over two years of diligently working on this project, we are very proud to dedicate this beautiful monument to the City of Ackley that honors the veteran who served actively from our community during times of war and times of peace.

WE have chosen the inscription on the center stone to read “Honoring those who died – Dedicated to all who served”. This is a goal we feel we have accomplished, as a committee.

We could not have accomplished our goal without the support of everyone who helped in any way. Every donation of money, time and goods made this monument a reality. We were grateful for the out-pouring of generosity we received from everyone.

Thanks you to everyone for everything.

We hope the community of Ackley is proud of the Veterans Memorial and will enjoy the beauty and the honor this monument brings to Ackley.

We are honored to have been a part of this committee

The Ackley Veterans Memorial Committee

Trent DeBerg
Jim Wessels
Deb Ibeling-Swanson
Louie Feikes
Doug Woodley
Doug Boheman
Teresa Krull
Rick Cobie
Pam Schipper
Linda (Till) Woodley