Life In Ackley

Ackley is a progressive picturesque town of over 1800 people located in North Central Iowa.  Ackley has the perfect combination of both small town values, and progressive ideals.  Here you will find  many of the conveniences claimed by larger cities, while still maintaining the charm of small town atmosphere.  Excellent schools, medical facilities, low taxes, affordable housing, extremely low crime rates, and a diverse retail district, all are just some of the many advantages of living here!  Ackley is located just 5 miles north of the new 4 lane US Highway 20 which links up to Interstate 35, Interstate 380, and the Avenue of the Saints.  Economic Development and the attraction of new businesses is a main focus of the City Administration. 

Just by taking a stroll through the downtown it is easy to see that Ackley strives to preserves it’s past.  The Heritage Museum and working Soda Shop provides you with a glimpse into history. Sauerkraut Days is an annual celebrating of Ackley’s German Heritage.  For over 100 years this celebration has included parades, a street carnival, food, live music, sidewalk sales, and many other events.

An excellent school system, access to recreational activities, a diverse shopping district, and low crime rates make Ackley a great place to raise a family.  Available state of the art industrial facilities, an ample labor pool, incentives for new businesses, and easy access to Rail and Interstate systems make Ackley a great place to start or expand a business.

Thank you for visiting  If you any questions please contact the City Hall at  641-847-3332.