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A Letter From The Director


Hello, and welcome to the webpage for Ackley Economic Development.


Since 1852, Ackley has prided itself as a welcoming place for families and tradition.  We keep this in mind as we strive to weave local and regional economic growth into the community fabric.  Our warm people, low cost-of-living, and small-town atmosphere complement our prime locations and an array of resources for start-ups, expanding businesses, and new residents. 


If you are interested in starting or expanding a business, Ackley can accommodate.  Our Industrial Park has 10 acres of available space that are equipped with sewer, water, electrical, and natural gas infrastructure, while our Main Street offers beautiful and historic buildings for those interested in commercial development.  We provide property tax incentives and low-interest loans to those looking to benefit the economic climate of our community and surrounding area.  Furthermore, Ackley’s proximity to the Interstate, major state highways, and larger cities is a key feature of our location.  No matter your situation or interest, our workers and residents provide both the willingness and capacity to support your ambitions.


Along with this, Ackley provides a large number of amenities for new and existing residents.  AGWSR, our local school system, is strong academically and offers athletic and extracurricular programs.  We are also home to a number of churches across several denominations, a golf course and country club, and Prairie Bridges Park for camping and recreation.  A host of services—including banking, medical, and more—exist within Ackley’s city limits, as do dining establishments and a locally-owned grocery store. 


We thank you for your interest in Ackley and hope we can be of assistance.  If you would like to learn more about what our community offers, I welcome you to contact Ackley Economic Development at 641-373-0114.  Also, feel free to stop by our office at 739 Park Avenue.  Whether your interests are related to business development, or if you are simply looking to move to town, our priority is to make sure that you have the information and dedicated contacts you need.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Dustin Ingram

Economic Development Director

City of Ackley, Iowa

Close to Several Large Cities and Five Major Metropolitan Centers

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Close to Several Large Cities and Five Major Metropolitan Centers
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