Xi Zeta Sigma

Xi Zeta Sigma is a non-profit service organization comprised of ambitious women in the community who meet once a month.  Each November, on the 3rd Saturday, we hold an annual craft fair at AGWSR High School.  Xi Zeta Sigma contributes the funds raised to local community organizations and projects including:

  • Dollars for Scholars
  • Ackley Recreation Center
  • Ackley Medical Center
  • Ackley Ambulance and Fire Department
  • Ackley Veterans Memorial
  • Prairie Bridges Park..to name a few.

Xi Zeta Sigma strives to better the community, and is always looking to expand.  For more information please contact Ginger Clawson – (641) 847-2384 or Tammy Hofmeister (641) 847-2938


Annual Craft Fair

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